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Joh Jai
Aired on May 8, 2008
"Recyclable Waste Model for Global Warming Reducing
Prachachat Business Newspaper, Issued: July 11, 2007

Recycle News

MEC Material Exchange Center
Earth 4 Man
Capitalism Magazine
Indo-China Intersection Development Institute

Environmental Plans

We have various programs under operation such as
  • Advice 40 crowded communities to participate in waste separation
  • Knock door program to promote waste separation from the source
  • Support waste purchasing network
  • Improve environment inside the factory, green area
  • EM usage initiation (Using bacteria to eliminate odor)
  • Training program on recycle business


Emergency Plan
  • Fire prevention plan: Provide water hose and fire distinguisher
  • Security system
  • Regular emergency response drilling



Environmental Policy


Wongpanit is one of the leaders on solid waste management for recycle. To ensure a trust from community and society in which we are operating, we commit to environmental management in order to minimize environmental impacts and to comply with our business operation. Our environmental policy shall be achieved by:

  • An in-depth environmental impact assessment must be performed before starting any new activity both inside and outside of the company and if any risk found, the possible solutions must be identified before beginning such activity.
  • Objectives and goals of every department should focus on raising awareness and responsibility on environmental quality development.
  • Every employee is required to be a voluntary environmentalist by willingly adhere to this policy and cordially pass on the policy to the general public.
  • Operating at all times in accordance with all relevant legislation, approved Codes of Practice and statutory guidance of Thailand and leading countries on environmental conservation for instance Basel Law, Kyoto Protocol and WEEE Directive, to name a few.

For more information please contact Ms. Janjira at 055-284494, 321555 ext. 106.


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